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cyberinfrastructure. now a report ties the chinese government to dozens of cyberattacks on u.s. banks government agencies and other industries. abc has the details from washington. >> reporter: the cyberattacks have hit some of the largest u.s. constitutions, banks, military contractors and energy companies. and a new report from an u.s. cybersecurity firm points the finger at the chinese government. this nondescript office in shanghai is believed headquarters for a chinese army unit. the chinese government and military deny the accuindications butaccusationsbut there is skepticism. >> they're not going to allow this amount of hacking without controlling it. >> reporter: 100 organizations and companies were hacked, including coca-cola. how does this type of international hacking affect average americans? u.s. investigators say this amounts to economic he espionage it could cost countless americans jobs. >> there is no question about it. cyberwarfare cyberattacks, cybertheft are the future. >> reporter: today the white house would not comment directly on the report. >> we have repeatedly raised o
the u.s. personnel in benghazi, now threatening to hold up the confirmation unless the administration answers more questions on that attack. >> no confirmation without information. this is complete system failure and i'm going to get to the bottom of it. >> now that might have been the craziest turn in the story but former vice president dick cheney criticized the president's choice of foreign policy leaders. he told a group of wyoming republicans: >> cheney should know from sect rate people, because dick cheney is now criticizing someone else's foreign policy team. i give you the least self aware political figure in modern history. while reports last week that he might withdraw his nomination, his brother said today: >> joining me now is another man who keeps fighting, michael tomasky, coming to us from washington d.c. thanks for being here in the war room. >> my great pleasure. hi. >> hi, by the way, you are now the official answer to who is the first get since the trivia question is going to be asked many times the first guest that i had on the war room. >> fugelsang doesn't count
new postnewport news press. thank you. it seems that every industry is mobilizing. the u.s. travel agency is saying long wait at airport security lines, around that may be the tip of the iceberg. in the words of the jeff free man, this could turn into a travel nightmare. and jeff free man joins us on the phone right now. he comes to us from washington tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> michael: thank you for taking the time. jeff what is your nightmare scenario with this sequester? >> i think most of our opinions here are not ours, frankly. they're formed by the government. the government is putting out the information that is "t" is predicting tsa wait times exceeding one hour. us custom wait times that could rise up to two to three hours furloughing air traffic control officials, which could lead to more delayed flights. air travel already in this country is not as efficient and commutercustomer-friendly as it needs to be and it could discourage people from traveling. >> michael: now your industry is an industry that lobbies all the time what is the difference now when you l
and a departure of biden. let's go over to korea, they're conducting nuclear tests, what can the u.s. do in that space that hasn't already been done, and is this an opportunity for us to to engage china? >> well, it's a tough opportunity. north korea i think we have to keep a couple of things in mind. we obviously need to respond in some way. they can't be allowed to get away with this. they didn't kill anybody but nuclear tests are not acceptable in the modern world. the idea that i'm trying to think there is whether any additional sanctions that we try to impose on them should be temporary on the condition that they not test again. the idea being that you would like kim jung-un this new 30-year-old leader to get a chance to establish himself. maybe he needed to allow the nuclear test to please the hard linessers. maybe he felt inexperienced to quickly take on the hard liners. i'm not necessarily saying that he's a reformer but we want to allow that possibility down the road. a punishment that is firm but temporary may be the way to break out of this logjam, and china may go along with
include laying the ground work for a u.s./europe trade pack and stopping iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> iron with a nuclear weapon in that region and given all that has happened is simply unacceptable. the window for a dib low mattic solution simply cannot by definition remain open forever. >> michael: back in the united states, jimmy carter has a different idea on whether negotiations can stop. >> i don't believe either of those countries is going to be suicidal off to use nuclear weapons. >> i wonder if kerry is actually listening. carter's comments came yesterday in san francisco. tonight's last eye that we have out stands for impasse, or at least the potential for one on gun reform. oklahoma republican senator tom coburn is making it painfully clear that background checks could stop a bill in its tracks. >> there will not be record keeping on legitimate law-abiding gun owners in this country, and if they want to eliminate the benefits of trying to prevent the sales to people who are mentally ill, all they have to do is have record keeping, and that
opinion. but it is the opinion of the u.s. supreme court. the court heard arguments on the 1965 voting rightest act that mandates that states with racial discrimination history get [ inaudible ]. justice scalia said quote . . . >> he added that congress only renewed it because it was politically expedient, saying even the name of it so wonderful, the voting's right act. who is going to vote against that. for the latest i'm joined by "huffington post" reporter ryan reilly. he joins us from washington, d.c. where he was in the court chambers today. it is always secretive in the supreme court. what was the scene inside the courtroom like today? >> it was pretty -- there was very -- sort of -- very pop -- you know, obviously the voting right's act is a very popular piece of legislation with a lot of civil right's groups, and it has had an enormous people with a lot of people, and prevented discrimination for nearly 50 years now. within the courtroom you had a lot of groups that support this legislation. i think it has been very effective in eliminating discrimi
and told u.s.a. today he will consider filibustering the nomination of brennan to head the c.i.a. that's an oddly reasonable request from an otherwise completely unreasonable person. we'll see if the white house gives in. >> next, the bipartisan bump heard round the world. president obama is known for his sitting fist bumps giving the greetings to kids, soldiers, his wife and even the white house custodian. before last night's state of the union address, republican mark kirk who just returned to the hill after suffering a stroke offered out his fist to the president and then it exploded. kabl ax m. either illinois produces the coolest senators or kids just love politics. it's about high time someone with real power stood up for the porched lawmaker. with no one in power willing to embarrass themselves, he's going to have to settle for brett. calm down, everyone, brett's talking now. >> hi. by now, eve all seen the marco rubio speech last night and when he paused to take a sip of water. >> false choices like the president laid out tonight. >> yes it's funny that he stopped for water but
of the loud he is has been michael bloomberg and his u.s. pac. he has run 200 hours of tv ad like this attacking debby halvorsong n ng un's voting history. james? >> snow is coming down in what is going to be a pretty small turnout will probably be close to minuscule given the conditions. >> michael: i mean, it's an easy political question to ask. sort of like a reflex to ask it, who does that mint if it's benefit? >> conventional wisdom is you probably have your most political active and astute and driven voters come out they might be older mostly african-american group that comes out. they would probably tend to be left of center, anti-guns, and that probably would give robin kelly, a former state senator ironically, a native new yorker who has never met bloomberg would probably give they are the edge since bloomberg's ad changed their tack a little bit about ten days ago instead of simply going an halverson the leading candidate who is backed by the nra. you would have to believe that helps her a lot. >> michael: this has been a national race because of jesse jackson jr. alre
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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